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    Très bien fait ! mais attention, je confirme ce qui a été dit plus haut : le séchoir n’est pas du tout recommandé !!! (la chaleur fixe les « microbes » sur la peau si elle n’a pas été correctement nettoyée). Il faut utiliser un linge propre ou des serviettes en papier que l’on jette.+1 pour la dernière vignette (nous, la limite c’est à 2 m

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    Can I Vote :Grey’s Anatomy #networkdrama #peopleschoiceGrey’s Anatomy #networkdrama #peopleschoiceGrey’s Anatomy #networkdrama #peopleschoice(one tweet) It’s 1^vote or 3^ vote? And Can I Vote:Grey’s Anatomy #networkdrama #peopleschoice abcdef..or only abcdef Grey’s Anatomy #networkdrama #peopleschoice?

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    Completely agree with you there Alex. I’m an IT student and when I heard Reddit uses a two table database I started to question what I was being taught. Otago Polytech very briefly covers NoSQL using MongoDB in third year, which is a step in the right direction but more could be done.

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    Holy crap! I’m a „used to be work from home, now a stay at home” wife with a work from home husband and I can’t believe I’ve missed out on all this potential mockery. (diabolical laughter).Thanks for the tip!- Margaret

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      49bIo gli auguro soltanto di farsi curare.Da uno psichiatra,un medico,un serio pr.nessionistaoPefsa alle povere madri che hanno partorito queste persone…a loro va tutta la mia commiserazione.


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